Here are a few personal opinions from past clients.


“My session with Miranda was amazing!! I had a newborn/family and a mother’s day session. She is very creative laid back and outgoing person. I would pick her as my photographer any day! I was so blessed to have her and her amazing prices around when my baby was born, by the way her photography was so amazing I have a photo she took as a tattoo now! I love MJCphotography!!! Thank you so much Miranda for everything!”

~ Brittany L., Turkey (January 2011 / May 2011)


“Miranda has by far been my favorite for family photo’s. I have individuals ask all the time where I get my Photo’s from. I have been decorating my House proudly by Miranda since 2009. We have gone to many places and Photographers for family photo’s or special shoots but nothing compares to Miranda’s Talent to capture moment’s you never want to forget!

When you usually take pictures you are set up in traditional stances making the shots look and feel uncomfortable (hoping you will get it least one good photo.)  With Miranda you just play with your kids at a park, snuggle with your husband or feel like a movie star in one on one shoots! Leaving you with many Fantastic choices to go home with. She gives you freedom to show your individual personalities and captures them with her amazing edits and good eye for scenery! I recommend Miranda to any one wanting to leave with a smile and have permanent moments to cherish Forever!!”

~ Lou L., Turkey (April 2009 / May 2011)


“We love Miranda! Mrs. Miranda took the time to make our family feel comfortable and we loved how our family showed through the photographs. We have had three different events captured by Miranda and couldn’t ask for a better photographer!”

~ Sally W., Turkey (May 2011)


“This woman is amazing! I know from multiple times of having her take photos of my daughter and family. We miss her very much! She was always prepared, always had some new idea to try and see how it looked! She was always smiling and laughing and there was a small time that the ONLY person who my daughter would smile for the camera was Miranda. She is constantly taking beautiful photos, and when we say beautiful we mean GORGEOUS!

Her happy attitude wears off on you the moment you arrive or meet where your going to take your photos and she is automatically in swing with ideas, one right after the other, for the entire time she is with you. Its calming, happy and she is constantly clicking her camera!  I highly recommend her for your future family, kid or even just you photos and would also tell you if you don’t hire her, Your missing out on her bubbly personality and creativity!”

~ Amy C., Turkey (December 2010)


“Truth be told, I hate getting my picture taken on a professional level. The whole process is really daunting: The picking out what to wear, how to do your hair, then making sure your kids look presentable and not like you found them knee deep in a mud hole. Oh, and my favorite, convincing the husband, “Yes, your belt does have to match your shoes and you have to be KIDDING me with that shirt!” Then after all of the arguing, debating, and “HOW did you get so dirty so fast?? comes the posting, fixed smiles, and the trying not to look as tense as you feel. I’d rather scrub toilets.

So when I met Miranda and she suggested a family photo shoot, I thought, “uh …” and then too much time wen by before i could make a valid excuse so I just said, “um … sure!” I asked her what I should wear. She said that she had a great place for the shoot outside and that we should wear whatever would make us comfortable. Really? Really. So I wore my favorite summer dress, my 2 year old wore jeans, and my husband arrived in his military uniform. Miranda said, “Okay, go have fun!” And we did.

Miranda is amazing at capturing those perfect moments. The ones that you would never notice but once you have them, you treasure them forever. I have a picture of my usually reserved husband looking at our daughter with love and admiration that only a father can give. I’m sure that the look lasted only a second, but Miranda caught it and now I have it forever.

What I also loved about Miranda was her relaxed but professional approach. She was friendly and personable, but it was obvious that she knew what she was doing. She gave us suggestions on what to do and had some brilliant ideas for posing.

I recommend Miranda to anyone who wants to have a fun time, while capturing moments and memories that will last a lifetime. I can almost promise that you will fill your house with the pictures from that day. If not, I think that Sears will charge you as much, if not more, to just stand there.”

~ Amy S., Turkey (August 2009)

Nichole HughesAugust 14, 2012 - 11:28 am

Miranda is my all time favorite for family photos! She is patient with the little ones (even when they are in desperate need of a nap and fussy)! She always has a smile that is contagious to those she is photographing. She is also very laid back…which for someone who hates their picture taken is a huge plus!
She has great ideas and is always looking for more poses. Her photographs are by far better than any other company I have gone to or seen. She is able to capture the true moments (my husband consoling our upset and tired daughter) and that is priceless.
On a personal level, Miranda is a wonderful friend, wife, mother…just a beautiful person! She loves being a photographer and has always been the go to person for pictures(even when we were in college). She captured my daughter’s first birthday perfectly!
I have and will continue to recommend her to all of my friends and family for all of their photography needs (be it a special occasion or family photos).

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