Monthly Archives: April 2012

Katie & Alan are having a baby!

Meet Katie and Alan. Alan is in the Air Force and get this … they are BOTH pilots!  How cool is that??  They are totally sweet and this adorable couple is expecting their first baby in July!  Can’t wait to meet their sweet baby boy!  

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You want me to get up … at what time???

Spring is here … and this year it’s going fast! Which means that summer is right around the corner and with that comes high / hot sun!  High temperatures can make photo shoots difficult with hot red faced and over-exposed pictures.  The spring / summer sunrise is so beautiful.  Plus you will get a nice […]

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Early morning sunshine = beautiful shoot.

It’s spring time!  I love the amazing lighting that comes with the spring sunrise. Meet the Launius family, Krystal and Tim.  They have two adorable girls, Breanna and Payton.  We met at 7:15am and voila! They all did so great and we had such a wonderful time.

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