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  • Heartfelt Welcome!!

    Hello! This is me! I started my photography business in Turkey. I had a love for photography and had some wonderful friends willing to sit in front of my lens while I learned more about my style of photography. I wanted something to watermark my images, so I went with the basic plan ... initials. m.j.c. photography.

    To this day, I still like the simplicity of the name, but there are so many people with the same initials and already branded their photography in that way.

    A few months back I attended a Shot Party in St. Louis. I heard 2 of my favorite photographers speak at this conference, Bobbi + Mike. They were awesome, just like I knew they would be. They spoke of making memories or heirlooms for people. That one day their client's great grand children would look back at their photography and see them as they were when they were young, free, in love ...

    They didn't necessarily say something that I didn't already know, but they said it in a new way. In a way that just struck me ... this is ALL about the client. These pictures showcase the LOVE people have for each other. Whether they are engagement , a newborn baby , family pictures, senior pictures, it doesn't matter. The person (or people) in front of the lens is the HEART of a family.

    I went home that night thinking ... and thought some more ...

    Then I thought, the heart of it all ... is YOU!

    I promise that when we're together for a photo shoot ... you're my family. We aren't going to just sit in front of the lens and smile. We are going to go out and have fun! We are going to pretend that you are in a reality TV show and YOU are the star. We're going to photograph you having fun with your family or significant other. We are going to have an amazing time together and make memories that you will keep forever.

    Miranda Cornett


City Lights

Oh my goodness, I loved this shoot. These 4 lovely ladies and I had such a good time. We started at one location and we literally chased the sun and found some amazing stops.  Then we went downtown for some night light shots. It didn’t occur to me that it was New Years (30 Dec 17) weekend and it was super crowded. But we made it work!

Few of my favorite shots!


Can we talk about this sunshine!?! Holy moly was it amazing!!


Meet Kat … she was a natural! And that red dress made her POP!


Love me some fierce black and whites!


This may be one of my favorites … the light was so good to Gabby.

This is my 3rd time photographing Abby. She’s so natural in front of the camera. Makes it so easy to highlight her natural beauty.


Bella is our sophomore in the group. Her innocence was so sweet to capture. And while you don’t see it in this shot (I wanted a horizontal shot for the blog!) her smile is contagious!


R Family

Hey look!!! It’s a blog post!!! 😀  It’s part of my news year resolution … to keep up with the blog.

So anyway, this is Vanessa and her beautiful family. She reached out to me that they hadn’t had family pictures in forever, so we met in the neighborhood for some quick fall shots. They were the sweetest family and we all had so much fun together! I can’t wait for you to see how beautiful their family images came out!


Hello gorgeous family!!

Hello gorgeous family!!


Could they be even cuter!?

Could they be even cuter!?

Mom confided in me that they hadn

Mom confided in me that they hadn’t had shots of just them since their wedding. Well, we had to change that! They nailed them!


Perfect shot to end the perfect shoot. <3

Perfect shot to end the perfect shoot. <3

Lovely Abby

I’m so bad about keep this updated! I always share on my Facebook page, but forget to repost here. But I’ve been keep busy! And this session … oh my gosh … this session!! I’m so excited to show you the stunning Abby.  Her step-mom, April, is one of my good friends. Abby’s brother is one of my baby’s good friends. When I first saw Abby, I told my friend April, I HAVE to take her pictures!  So we met the other day, with gorgeous light and gorgeous flowers. The result … oh . my . gosh. When can Abby and I have another play date?!!


Oh my stars, she

Oh my stars, she’s lovely.


Are you freakin

Are you freakin’ kidding me?? Gorgeous!!

The total package. <3

The total package. <3

N Family

I first met Laura, Ellie, and Matt last year. Ellie went to the same pre-school as my kiddo, just another class. They would some times play after school and / or meet at the pool.  Matt is getting ready to head back over seas for a few more months, so we took the chance to grab a few family shots. Such a stinkin’ cute family!



What little girl doesn’t love to twirl?


A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.


Always let the strength of your convictions be enough…you won’t regret it.




Sunshine and summer time!

Here we are again, 2 weeks into summer vacation and I already have hundreds of underwater pictures of my kiddo and her friends. Summer is such a magical time to be a kid. Sleeping in, no alarm clocks, lots of friends and play dates, and as much swimming as you can handle!

I love capturing the playful smiles, loud splashes and squeals of joy. My kiddo has been taking lessons from her coach for 2 years now. Her progress amazes me every lesson. Not just her skills, but her determination and her love for the water.

We’ve been blessed to be joined in the water by friends and other mommas who love to get in and connect with their kiddos.

I’ve been toying with offering mini water sessions.  If you have any questions or would like to capture your own families water memories, shoot me an email. I’d love to chat with you about some details!!



I love how the water makes her look so big and so small at the same time. 


Just an example of a Momma getting in the water and making some childhood memories!!


Higher Mom!!!


Picture perfect!!



1, 2, 3, jump!!


Getting in the shot!DCIM128GOPRO



Pure wonderment!


‘Mom, don’t let go!’


Powerhouse in motion!!


Just another fun shot in the pool …